Erik Naggum, 1965-2009 RIP

by Ruben Email

«If this is not what you expected, please alter your expectations.»
- Erik Naggum

Today, 2009-06-20, is a sad day for me.

Erik Naggum was found dead in his home.

I have known Erik since I first ventured on to the Internet back in the late 80s.

When discussing anything with Erik I knew that I had to sharpen my mind before replying or posting a followup to whatever he was writing. The really good thing I learned to appreciate when talking with Erik was that it forced me to ask my self WHY I had the opinions I had.

For the last 15 years we did not had many public discussions on USENET, but where part of a close group of old "netcitizens". It was during this time I really learned to know Erik on a personal level.

You will be missed, old friend.

Erik was one of the smartest people I knew, even tho his style could be seen as a bit dramatic for those standing in his path to enlightenment. More than once I was in his path - and I always became enlightened. When Erik saw my enlightenment he returned a simple "thank you".

Erik also have a excellent sense of humor, unfortunately not experienced by many people.

Every time I had the opportunity to meet with Erik was enjoyable, pleasant and always a time for learning new things. If there ever have been an human encyclopedia, Erik was just that.

We did share a interest in academic papers and I was always keen to chip in on a set of DVDs or online subscriptions. He has more than once saved me countless hours of looking through ITU recommendations - he would always point me in the right direction be it esoteric ISDN knowledge or simple information on E.164. But always with his own twist to the information, ether as a well funded critique - or a warm endorsement.

Erik did also have a huge private library, and I am really proud to have contributed to his collection on a few occasions. I have never seen anybody so genuine happy to receive a few books - this was Erik in a nutshell: Extremely grateful for receiving small (or big) favors.

From my first encounter with Erik saying: You are just a silly soap-opera, to me maturing into his endorsement, I really like what you write and how you write, I will never forget what he taught me.

Yes Erik - you where always the best!


Comment from: Trey Jackson [Visitor] ·
A sad day indeed. I've missed his presence on the web for a while, but always held hope that he'd show up again. It was not to be.

21/06/09 @ 04:43
Comment from: len bullard [Visitor] ·
erik did not suffer fools gladly but he was a fantastic correspondent in the early days on the web of SGML and before. He was my friend and good correspondent and even when we crossed swords it treated me with respect but never failed to make me sharper and smarter.

Ths is very sad. He was an original and had a great heart.
21/06/09 @ 23:09

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