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by Ruben Email

Twitter logo - courtesy of Twitter Earlier today Jeff Pulver and Mr Percy from AudioCodes had a Webinar the subject of HD VoIP. I signed up and got a link to the WebEx event.

So far so good.

I have no problem with WebEx - a very successful enterprise with a really nice product line.

I clicked on the link - entered my credentials and got to a web page which was trying to load some kind of applet.

Just for the record, I have no problems with neither (Java) Applets nor with (Adobe) Flash.

On the other hand, my browsers on my preferred platform, OSX, does from time to time have problems with either, or both, technologies.

Since the applet apparently did not work in Firefox I fired up Safari: You platform is not supported. Yay! Nothing new there.

I then used a toll free number and was able to attend the webinar quite fine.

During the webinar I wrote something on Twitter regarding WebEx not working on my Mac in response @maximCH comment saying that he too was joining by telephone.

Good customer support ...

The conference was over and I was playing around with my new Nokia E71.

Suddenly @WebEx sendt me a message on Twitter suggesting that I check out their Meeting Center for full cross-platform support.

Wow! This was a first for me!

When a brand name proactive approaches customers in trouble this is an example of excellent customer support!

We can all learn something from WebEx here.

... turning into nagging?

I may be a bit unfair here - but when @WebEx more than once asked to investigate into the matter, even if the webinar was over - it felt like nagging.

I tried, as politely as I could, to say that the Webinar was over and that WebEx support should not spend time on this problem. But no. They really wanted to help med out!

Wow! Big company with a good support apparatus? Is this really happening in 2009?

I had to end the conversation by saying that spending more time on this problem was like trying to change tires on a car that crashed yesterday.

In all honesty @WebEx was really trying to help me out.

I really did appreciate the approach - but I could not help to smile regarding how eager @WebEx was to help me out even if the problem, literally, went away.

On one hand I am impressed regarding the eagerness to support me - on the other hand I feel a bit sorry for not helping @WebEx debugging a by-gone problem.

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